Saturday, September 1, 2018

"The Unveiling" by Noveller

After a month of publishing something daily, I'm going to slow down the pace. 

This should be more of a "when it strikes me" blog than adhering to a schedule.

With that said, here I am repeating a track already.  Sometimes I'll probably want to go over a track numerous times.

This is my favorite new piece of music of 2018, "The Unveiling" by Noveller. 

I found it originally in the Stasis Report playlist on Spotify, although by now it's in the Stasis Archive playlist.  It's in my playlist 2018 Picks by DJ Rushton.

During the summer of 2018, I've been sick with shingles.  I got the rash around July 13th, but I'd had symptoms and fatigue before that.  It was a relatively mild case, considering, but the ongoing fatigue after taking the anti-viral and having the rash heal has been a problem.  I can't go for walks at work like I did.  Lifting weights doesn't interest me.  I can barely do any yard work.  On a day I think I'm feeling better, and I push it a bit, I pay for it.

But I can still listen to music, go to my day job, make some paintings, and get along OK.

There's something special about this track.  I can't describe what makes it that way, at least not in this entry.  Maybe I'll have another post about it in the future.

You've got to have good headphones on for this track, and I don't mean earbuds but really decent cans over your ears.  It's better when it's more intimate listening than, say, in the car.