Saturday, August 25, 2018

"Not My Baby" by Alvvays

This is a great song, but has terrible production and needs a bit of a rearrangement in the latter half.

When I still had Sirius/XM satellite radio in my car, I'd listen to the Canadian "indie pop" channel and found a lot of great bands on there, but the channel seemed to be often coated in this dull sheen, like the EQ was all muted.  I hear the same sort of thing with "Not My Baby" (Alvvays is a Canadian band).

I'd chop out the motorcycle.  I'd re-record the drums so they sound real instead of fake.  Then whatever the hell is altering Molly Rankin's vocal so that it sounds kind of dull would be dumped.  It's like they're trying to recreate an early 60s country-style vocal and coupling it with what sounds like a drum machine.  Meanwhile, you've got those guitar lines BURIED in the mix.  Bring them out!  And why is the bass guitar sounding so thumpy?

At 1:54, when the song changes a bit, they should have hired a small orchestra rather than relying on the synths.  And on the way out, the song just sort of coasts.  It could have used a bit more revision and maybe an additional verse.

This is a song that wants to be grand.  She's making a big statement here!  But, sonically, it's stuck in a Canadian basement.

I realize the producers involved have worked with a lot of bands and have won Grammys and all that, and surely the band wanted it to sound like this.  But some young artist looking for a song to make as their own should cover this with my suggestions in mind.